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About us

Need2Say launched in January 2020, and today we help some of the best construction companies in the world remove language barriers, train their workers and get work done fast and safety

Our passion

Construction sites are complex and challenging to manage, especially when you have non-native English language workers. Important communication can be lost and miscommunicated. That's why we're passionate about making it easy to communicate, manage, and train your workforce so that your organization can spend more time getting work done.


Our philosophy

Streamlining with simplicity

Need2Say software is designed to cut through the cutter, removing language barriers, minimizing risks and increasing productivity.

United in collaboration

Effective communication thrives on safety info and teamwork. Our app unites teams for seamless productivity.

All-encompassing organizations

Committed to a comprehensive hub for all your fleet data, ensuring organization isn't just a goal—it's guaranteed.

Enlightening insights

We transform Need2Say data into actionable insights, driving informed decisions for success.

Meet Team Need2Say

Experience collaboration in action with our diverse team, dedicated to breaking language barriers and redefining communication experiences

Alejandra Ocampo
Alejandra Ocampo

UX/UI Designer

Fernanda Ramírez
Fernanda Ramírez

Marketing Manager

Jun Liu
Jun Liu


Longjun Li
Longjun Li


Oscar R Garcia
Oscar R Garcia

Founder & CEO

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