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When You Need2Say It

Speak English/Spanish Confidently and Effectively

How It Works

How Need2Say Works

You don't need 30 minutes a day to speak confidently and communicate fluently

Need2Say is the only real-time language app that helps English & Spanish learners say what they Need2Say on the spot. By providing thousands of videos featuring native English and Spanish speakers pronouncing words and sentences, Need2Say helps English learners communicate effectively and confidently in seconds.

Speak effectively and confidently in seconds

The Need2Say app focuses on speaking the language, on correct pronunciation, of useful words and sentences in specific situations,...what you Need2Say when you Need2Say it. You can also get instant feedback on how to pronounce a difficult word or sentence.

What YOU Need2Say - on demand 24/7

Search for that word you have so much trouble pronouncing

How to say it: what to do with your mouth to make sounds

See exactly how to pronounce the word from a native speaker

Build stronger recall connections between images, sounds and meaning

You can also build stronger meaning networks in your mind

Path to MASTERY - Self-evaluation

Get instant feedback by comparing your pronunciation with a native speaker

Customize your learning experience

The Need2Say Library includes thousands of words from different fields. From college majors and TOEFL vocabulary, to Academic English and everyday words, the Need2Say Library helps you effectively communicate when you need it. PLUS, our Library includes idioms, word reductions, often used phrases, linking words, and proper names.

Search hundreds of language scenarios

Speakbots is one of our favorite features in the Need2Say app. Why? Because our Speakbots help you practice a situational conversation before you experience it. This gives you the opportunity to understand the sentences, questions, words, and expressions you can use to communicate more effectively. Plus, you can practice the stress, intonation, and pitch of your communication with the help of a native speaker. You simply record yourself. Our Speakbots give you instant feedback! I know you will love our Speakbots just as much as I do.

Our Mission

Help language learners to speak a second language Effectively and Confidently

For You

Improve your Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation and Vocabulary skills in seconds

The Need2Say app focuses on speaking the language, on correct pronunciation, of useful words and sentences in specific situations...what you Need2Say when you Need2Say it. You can also get instant feedback on how to pronounce a difficult word or sentence.

The Need2Say app is designed to help you learn how to say it...exactly how to form sounds to be clearly understood. You get to customize your experience on your path to master your chosen language. So that you can communicate effectively and confidently in your second language.

For Schools

Meet all your students’ language needs

The Need2Say app can help your students improve their Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary and Pronunciation skills in seconds. They’ll be ready to speak for themselves and you can focus on content.

Personalize your language class by assigning specific words and situations for your students. So that they can learn the academic words they need in order to succeed in school.

For Businesses

Business Languages helps employees around the world succeed by learning to speak effectively and confidently

Learning to speak your target language professionally in the business world takes time and practice. The Need2Say app gets employees speaking and perfecting their pronunciation in seconds. So they’ll be ready to say what they Need2Say for themselves and your business when they Need2Say it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Need2Say’s mission is to help you communicate what you need2say in your second language so that you will realize your full potential in work, school and daily living. Our vision is a world without language barriers. Where people can freely express what they need2say without the need of an interpreter or translator.

  • Originally from Mexico, Oscar R. Garcia graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Master’s degree in Adult ESL Education. He is an ESL Instructor at INTO UAB Center from the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he has been working since 2014. He has extensive experience as a teacher, curriculum developer and has also been involved in various recruitment efforts at UAB to attract more students from Latin America. He worked for the Applied Linguistics Program at the State University of Nayarit in Mexico, and has taught groups from diverse ages and backgrounds in Mexico and the United States. Oscar has conducted teacher training courses though the University of Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) certificate programs as well as training workshops and presentations in State and regional TESOL conventions in the U.S., and Mexico. Oscar is a trained CEA (The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation) reviewer. In 2018 Oscar gave a TED talk at TEDxBirmingham titled “Build Bridges, Not Walls” and is also the founder and CEO of Need2Say.

  • This is for the 1.5 billion English language learners and for the 50 million Spanish learners throughout the world who want to speak confidently and effectively regardless of the situation.

  • You will have full access of the mobile app.

  • Please email us at

  • This is the first app designed to help you say what you NEED2SAY in your target language when you Need2Say it. It has the best combination of the newest technology and human creativity (native speakers and language teachers).

  • It uses videos of native speakers and language teachers to train your ears, mouth movement, eyes, and build stronger recall connections between images, sounds and meaning.

  • Yes, we'll keep adding more words, add new languages, features, and we will keep growing the library and speakbots database.

  • It will sync to your IOS and Android device.

  • It's an iOS/Android native app using flutter structure.

  • No, we don’t offer a web application.

  • We believe this is the most effective, intuitive and easy to use language app on the market that will help you improve your speaking, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary skills in seconds.

  • When you purchase a subscription, you could access the app by using your account.

  • The app is relatively easy to learn. It benefits ages 4 and above.

  • Learning a language is one of the greatest gifts you can give a kid. Aside from giving them a new ability to communicate with more people, it has a ton of documented side benefits, ranging from better test scores in all core subjects, better problem solving abilities, higher salaries once they reach the job market, etc.

  • You can use it anywhere and in all kinds of situations.

  • We'll be keeping user data secure, both on their phones and in connections with our servers. We'll use challenge and response method to establish a secure connection by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) between each device. We value your privacy. We NEVER sell your data. PERIOD.

  • We'll be keeping user data secure, both on their phones and in connections with our servers. We’ll use PayPal API to handle payment method, so that your card information could only be read by PayPal.

  • No, we don't monitor users in that way!

  • No.

About Us

Our mission is to help second language learners speak their target language effectively,
fluently and confidently so that they can succeed in school, work and everyday life.

Oscar R Garcia

Founder & CEO

Oscar is an optimist who believes that anyone can successfully learn a second language and make her/his dreams come true. Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare linguist intellect,” Oscar has taught ESL to international students from around the world, inspiring them that speaking a foreign language fluently and effectively is possible. With a bold goal to build a world in which the vast majority of people speaks a foreign language fluently and effectively, inspired to make their dreams come true. Oscar is leading a movement to inspire people to learn a second language so that they can do the things that inspire them.

Our Optimists

Over the years, I’ve met some amazing people who embraced my ideas and philosophies. I call them optimist because they were always positive that Need2Say was going to help the billions of language learners around the world speak their target language fluently, effectively and confidently in seconds. I am so impressed with their work, I invited them to join Need2Say. Today, they work with me, arm-in-arm, to develop the Need2Say app and advance our vision.

Alejandra Ocampo

Digital Designer

Hugo B Garcia

Sales Manager Mexico

Longjun Li

Project Manager

Xiangchong Zhang

Software Developer

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