Effective Language Training to Evolve your Business and Save People’s Lives

The Need2Say app provides workers with second language skills, OSHA awareness training and tools for tracking progress.


What is Need2Say?

Need2Say is the leading language solution to reduced language and cultural barriers and improve productivity.

Need2Say provides safety awareness which helps to recognize and reduce the risk of job site hazards.

We believe that when organizations start improving worker’s second language skills overall else, they become more efficient and profitable.

Need2Say Features

Language Training to Evolve your Business

Reduce language and cultural barriers.

OSHA Training Skills

Safety awareness which helps to recognize and reduce the risk of job site hazards.

Tools for Tracking Progress

Track and monitor each employee’s learning progress.

Great Work from Every Employee

See how language training impacts productivity.

Customize your learning experience

The Need2Say Library includes thousands of words including many from different academic and professional fields.

From college majors and TOEFL vocabulary, to academic English and everyday words, the Need2Say Library helps you effectively communicate exactly what you want when you need it. PLUS, our Library includes idioms, word reductions, common phrases, linking words, and proper names.

Search hundreds of language scenarios with Speakbots

Speakbots is one of our favorite features in the Need2Say app. Why? Because our Speakbots help you practice a situational conversation before you experience it. This gives you the opportunity to understand the sentences, questions, words, and expressions you are likely to encounter at particular times and places.

You can practice not just your responses but also the stress, intonation, and pitch of your words with the help of a native speaker. Simply record yourself, and our Speakbots give you instant feedback!

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Best for small teams looking to reduce the risk of job site hazards

$6 Per user per month billed annually

Top features:

√ Unlimited access to language content

√ OSHA Training Skills


Best for companies looking to trace and monitor each employee’s learning progress

$9 Per user per month billed annually

Everything included in Basic, plus:

√ Insights Dashboard

√ Tests reporting

√ Learning tracking progress


Design for larger companies with complex needs

Everything in Pro, plus access to specialized features like:

√ API access

√ Custom Content

√ Priority Support Dedicated Customer Success

√ Individualized training

√ Custom Branding

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Need2Say is an app that helps you communicate what you Need2Say in your second language so that you can realize your full potential in work, school and daily living. Our vision is a world without language barriers where people can freely express what they Need2Say without the need for an interpreter or translator.

    Need2Say is for the 1.5 billion English language learners and for the 50 million Spanish learners throughout the world who want to speak confidently and effectively regardless of the situation.

  • Our rigorous, research-backed approach to language learning is built on the premise that YOU should be in charge of what you want and need to learn. Need2Say uses videos of native speakers and language teachers to train your ears, mouth movement and eyes, as well as build stronger recall connections between images, sounds and meaning.

  • You will have full access of the mobile app.

  • Please email us at hola@need2say.com.

  • Need2Say is continually adding more words, new languages and new features to give you the best experience possible. We aim to be the most comprehensive database of words and phrases for your language needs, so we are always growing the Library and Speakbots database.

    Have an idea for a feature or a preference for a new language? We’d love to hear from you! Email us your feedback at hola@need2say.com.

  • Need2Say is an iOS/Android native app using flutter structure. It will sync to all of your iOS and/or Android devices. At this time, there is no web application.

  • Yes! The app is relatively easy to learn and is recommended for ages 4 and above.

    Learning a language is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. Aside from empowering them with the ability to communicate with more people, there are numerous documented long-term benefits—better test scores in all core subjects, better problem solving abilities, higher salaries once they reach the job market, and more. You can use it anywhere and in all kinds of situations.

  • We take the security of your data very seriously. All user data is kept secure using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) between each device. We use PayPal API to handle all payment information, meaning your card information can only be read by PayPal.

    We NEVER sell your data. PERIOD. And we NEVER watch or listen to users as they practice their speaking skills.

About Need2Say

We help organizations reduce the risk of job site hazards.

Our Story

Need2Say launched in 2019, and today thousands of people use Need2Say to reduce their language and cultural barriers, improve their Safety awareness which helps to recognize and reduce the risk of job site hazards and more. We are passionate about language skills because we know that Effective communication can save lives.

Our Leadership

At Need2Say, our team is full of optimists who believe in the power that communication carries. These optimists work arm-in-arm to develop the Need2Say app and advance our vision.

Alejandra Ocampo

Digital Designer

Hugo B Garcia

Sales Manager Mexico

Longjun Li

Project Manager

Xiangchong Zhang

Software Developer

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